Day 44 — Twas the Night Before Sine Die

‘Twas the night before our last

And all through the House

Lots of bills were left waiting

For the click of a mouse,

So they could be opened

After much work and care

Knowing that the legislators

Soon would be there.


To evaluate them deeply

By using their head

And hoping to avoid

The category of dread.

Approps, what does that mean?

Funding, where it all goes,

Then comes the voting

From both friends and foes.


When the Reps work is over

Some bill are left standing

To be sent to the Senate

For their understanding.

Then to the Governor

For final approval

If they avoid the veto

Which means final removal.


Tomorrow will start early

Just you wait and see

What 45 days brings

To Utahns like you and me

We’ll balance the budget

And pass bills, 2 or 3,


And until around midnight

You know where we’ll be!

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