Day 38 — The youth movement

The power of youth made real impact today.  First, as they testified for HCR 7, Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship, in the Senate Natural Resources Committee.  This was the second time students from McGillis School and West High School in SLC and Logan High School in Logan, have testified in committee about this resolution.  This time brought a unanimous vote from committee members.  Their thoughts are well thought out, beautifully written, and given with heart.  You can’t fail with a team like that.  


The second group representing the youth movement, was a group of students from the University of Utah were on the Hill learning about policies that support entrepreneurship.  Their professor, Dr. Barclay Burns, brings his class up every year and it is always a highlight.  


The third came when I had a chance to step off the floor and visit with students from Foxboro Elementary, North Salt Lake.  They came prepared with lots of questions for me.  So many, in fact, that I missed one of my bills that came up for a presentation on the House floor.  Luckily, the bill was circled, which is a legislative pause button, and I’ll be presenting it this week.  These students were well prepared and knew they knew their stuff.  I am happy they felt at home in the People’s House, and hope they’re up here soon advocating for important issues just like the Logan and SLC students.    


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