Day 8 — Who tells your story?

I have the good fortune of working with two great interns this session.  Anahit Verdyan,  who is studying Economics and Philosophy at the University of Utah, and Nathan Jensen, who is a senior at Bountiful High School.  They are both involved in planning events, organizing constituent meetings, research on bills and issues, and helping with my legislation.  

Today Nathan is sharing a write up of a new history exhibit on the 4th floor of the Capitol, “Who Tells Your Story.”  The write up and the photos are his.  He managed this in between researching an abortion bill we are hearing this session and a bill on taxation.  More on those issues later.  

Who Tells Your Story?

Humanity has an inherent desire to tell their story and leave a legacy. Because of this, Utahns have documented their lives with mediums including Braille print, pottery, and weaves. Based on a theme from the hit musical Hamilton, this exhibit showcases the histories of Utah residents through a variety of mediums.

The exhibit begins with an ancient pictograph discovered in Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon as well as zines, small, self-produced magazines. It then continues with teenager-made, autobiographical films, sculptures depicting family histories, and letters from a Japanese American in the Topaz Internment Camp. Who Tells Your Story? also includes baskets containing Navajo code and historical paintings.

The new exhibit Who Tells Your Story? is a tribute to the cultures and histories of Utah citizens from many backgrounds. As you view this incredible addition to the Utah State Capitol, you too will gain a desire to leave your legacy. With ways to connect and share your experience and stories, Who Tells Your Story? allows ways to continue with the exhibit long after your leave the Capitol Building. This exhibit increases the amount of activities and learning at the Utah State Capitol Building and leaves a lasting impression on everyone that attends.

Who Tells Your Story? is an exciting adventure for all ages. So don’t wait, come on down! How will you tell your story?




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