Day 3 — Getting schooled

One of the highlights of public service is getting to meet people of all ages who also have a passion for serving in communities.  Today the North Salt Lake Youth City Council came to the Capitol as part of the Utah League of Cities and Towns annual Locals Day at the Legislature.  These youth, along with their dedicated advisers who are NSL City Council members, spent the day learning about local and state government and how we can best work together.  I was impressed with their questions and desire to contribute.  Check out those smiles!

It was Utah History Day on the Hill and high schools from across the state brought their exhibits from the History Fair competition.  These three were some of my favorites.  I was able to visit with these competitors and was interested to hear how they decided to showcase their subject.  I could have spent all afternoon talking this group of remarkable students.  

    The students I met today were showing at an early age their commitment to making a difference and going to extra mile.  Tonight I had the opportunity to participate after the Governor’s State of the State address in a Legislative Preview sponsored by Action Utah.  The auditorium at the Marmalade Library in SLC was full of people anxious to learn how to make their voices heard.  It’s been my privilege to collaborate with several members of the Action Utah team on a series of bills over the past year since their inception. Trust me, they know their stuff, and are effective in getting things done. 

Several legislators and I were able to share our experiences on the front line and legislation we are working on.  The video of the event can be found on the Action Utah facebook pageTheir presentation on affecting change is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Check it out here.

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