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As your Representative I have:

My Commitment to Representing District 20:

I maintain a sincere commitment to truly represent the people of District 20. To that end, I have often stood up to those individuals, lobbyists, and groups outside our district who use their own exclusionary and self-serving agendas to enact changes that do not represent the best interest of the people of our area. In the process, I have earned a reputation as a tough, but ethical, fair, and courteous legislator who faithfully represents the citizens in her district. I have also been effective, garnering a 100% pass rate for all bills I’ve presented on the House floor (for both House and Senate bills).

My Conservative and Transparent Voting Record:

I have consistently voted in favor of 2nd amendment rights, states rights, holding the line on taxes, and reducing the size of government.  I have sworn to uphold the Utah State Constitution and the Republican platform and have over 1000 votes that point to the practical application of conservative principles.   My votes as an elected official have been some of the most transparent in the entire legislature.  I write a blog during the session where I post each of my votes and an analysis of the goings on of the legislature each day.  That is one of the ways I maintain my accountability to the voters of this district. The weekly "Bagels and Briefings" at my home during the session are another way to engage and involve the residents of our area in the political process.