Day 35 — Hitting for the cycle

What do Evan Longoria and Cody Bellinger have to do with the 2018 Utah Legislative session? Both of them hit for the cycle during the MLB 2017 season.  

“Hitting for the cycle” in baseball means you’ve played a game where you have hit:

  • A single
  • A double
  • A triple
  • A homerun

In legislative parlance, that would means in one day you’ve:

  • A bill passed out of committee
  • A bill passed off the House floor
  • A bill passed out of a Senate committee
  • A bill passed off the Senate floor

That happened to me on Monday.  I hit for the legislative cycle.  I also had the auspicious honor of adding to that a strike out, which I don’t think wins you any points in either baseball or the legislature.  Meaning, one of my priority bills, HB 283, Workplace Protection Amendments, failed to advance out of committee, with a vote of 3-7.  

Not all issues and bills in the legislature are created equal.  Some are singles, some are doubles, some are home runs…..and some require more time in the rookie leagues before they’re ready to advance to a home run in the bigs.  HB 283 is such an issue.  I’m certain the issue of workplace discrimination is not going away.  We’ll continue to work on it, with all interested stakeholders, and one day the bill will pass.  

And that will be a home run.  

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