Day 32 — Highlights of Week 5

Every Friday is Educator on the Hill day.  It was a treat to visit with Rachel Wright, left, 4th grade teacher at Odyssey Elementary in Woods Cross, and Chera Fernelius, English teacher at Farmington Jr. High.  They both assure me they have the best students in the state and it may be true based on the letters from the students they delivered to me today.   

I love having visitors on the floor and seeing their excitement as they witness this great legislative process.  This is Tula, visiting from California.  She was with me as we waited and waited and waited for my HCR 7 to come up on the House calendar for my presentation.  In the end we adjourned as the bill right in front of mine was voted on.  So, now we’re up first thing on Monday morning.  

Senator Orrin Hatch visited the House as we passed a resolution designating today as “Orrin Hatch Day.”  What a remarkable legacy of service he leaves to this state and country.

Presenting HB 278, Paid family and medical leave, to the House Revenue and Taxation Committee.  The bill passed out unanimously! 

We had a heart wrenching recognition on the House Floor of Deserea Turner.  She is a shooting survivor who was left for dead by two classmates in Logan last year.  Her  head wound has left her physically impaired and has caused some mental impairment.  But she is improving.  She is a strong girl. 

Millcreek Jr. High Jazz Band, with Director Chad King, brought down the People’s House this week as they were highlighted as one of the musical groups throughout the state to play in the Rotunda during School District Day on the Hill.

Congresswoman Mia Love speaking to the House Majority Caucus.  She will always be a special person in our family because my youngest daughter, Jayne, was an intern in her office 18 months ago.  That experience fired up her interest in government and a real loyalty to the Congresswoman.  

The Bountiful City Youth Council took a field trip to the Capitol and I had a chance to visit for a few minutes before floor time began.  These experiences of youth leadership at a young age solidify for many of these students a desire to make contributions in their community and state and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these awesome students.

Robin and Matthew Chidester, neighbors and friends for over 20 years, serve as the cub scout leaders of this awesome group.  My intern had the opportunity to provide them with a tour as I was on my way to present HB 278 in Rev & Tax Committee.  Cub scouts are always so well prepared and interested in citizenship and I love seeing their passion and energy!

A selfie of folks waiting in the House gallery for HCR 7 to come up for a debate.  I hope they still have this much energy when we get up on Monday morning!

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