Day 29 — Hear ye, hear ye

As a state Representative I have always felt one of my most important responsibilities is to hear from my constituents.  During the time of my service this has taken many forms:

  • Nightly blog
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Bagels & briefings each Saturday morning at my house during the legislative session 
  • Family Night at the Capitol
  • And one of my favorites….Town Halls.

Tonight was the annual mid-session Town Hall, held at the Bountiful City Hall, and hosted by Rep. Ray Ward, Sen. Todd Weiler and me.

We were able to present some of our bills we are currently working on and then take questions from the audience.  The topics discussed were driven by the constituents who were there.  They included:

  • Gender change
  • Toll roads
  • Fuel tax
  • Air quality
  • Hunting permits for cougars
  • Wild horses
  • Bicycle laws
  • Education funding
  • Hackers
  • Federal designation of wilderness
  • Voter registration
  • Watershed law
  • Davis County’s biggest challenges
  • Gun & violence



Thank you to all those who came and participated tonight as well as the thousands of others who have come to Town Halls and all the other constituent events throughout the past 10 years.  Your voices have been heard and have directed my service.  The final Town Hall of the legislative session will be held after our session ends.  Stay tuned for details.  

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