Day 16 — Lobbying the powers of Heaven

Each day our floor time in the House begins with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance given by guests of legislators, often family members or religious and civic leaders.  I love listening to the sincerity of those sharing their faith and prayers and feel strengthened by their words of encouragement.  

For today’s blog post I’m including two of my favorite prayers offered this session and also a prayer I heard on Sunday while worshipping at Grace Lutheran Church in Bountiful.   

Prayer offered by Pastor Don Proctor, Bountiful First Baptist Church

Let us pray

Grant us now, Lord, the courage, the wisdom and the foresight to provide for the needs of our state

Let us wait upon God who already will renew our strength.

And let us rise up with wings as eagles that run and are not weary

That walk and not faint

Enlist us in every good cause to the best of our ability

Grant us wisdom to see what ought to be done and

Courage to begin it

Fidelity to continue it

Strength and skill to complete it

And bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven

Grant this, oh God

Remind us that we are all your children in this house

Bound in a common life to be fellow workers

Open anew our vision to see the wonder and beauty of creation and the earth, and the sea and the sky and it’s care

May we be used in small ways to make greater deeds possible

Grant us forgiveness in our past

Courage for the present

And hope for the future

Keeping us ever mindful

Of the needs of others



Prayer offered by Imam Shuaib Din, Utah Islamic Center

Oh, Lord of the Universe, our creator, and creator of all.

Save us all from words which hurt and bless us with hearts that touch.

God, grant us the wisdom to learn from the guidance that you blessed upon all your prophets.

Our Lord, our creator, our maker, please give us compassion and mutual understanding so that we may live in peace and with justice.

Please help us to stop those who oppress and give us the strength to work for justice.

Give us the strength to work for the good of all humanity and against what is harmful for all of us.

Oh Lord, let our children learn from our errors and work to establish a safer, more peaceful and just world for all.

Guide us and our leaders to make wise and fair decisions.

Protect us from hate and intolerance. 

Make us amongst those who struggle for what is just, good and beautiful.

Have mercy on those who suffered due to intolerance.

And please God comfort and consult all those who now walk in sorrow.

Oh Lord of mankind, make us your true servants, enable us to live our lives according to our faith traditions in harmony with others.

Oh God, Yahweh, Allah, help us raise children who will be better than ourselves

Oh Protector of all, protect us from violence, fear and danger

Oh Lord, nourish our minds and hearts with the examples of the prophets

And Oh God of Abraham and the God of Moses

And the God of Jesus Christ and the God of Muhamad

Accept our humble prayers,


Prayers of the Church in the World

Grace Lutheran Church, Bountiful 

Confident that God our light and our salvation hears us when we pray, let us offer our prayers for the church, the world, and all people in need.

For the church, its pastors, deacons, musicians, artists, teachers, seminarians, and all proclaimers of the gospel that your gift of steadfast love and mercy will spread throughout the world let us pray.

For the earth and all living creatures, for those preparing fields for planting, and for favorable weather, that all of us who care for this life will find voice to help creation thrive, let us pray.  

For all rulers of the earth in local, regional, national, and international offices, and those without the power of official office, that they will be given the courage to work for the protection of all people and act as servants of all, let us pray.

For all who suffer this day; the sick and wounded, the grieving and brokenhearted, the hungry and exploited, those with malaria, and all who need our prayers, that they will be consoled and healed by health care workers, counselors, family and friends, let us pray.

For those who gather in fellowship and festivities, for the ministries of this congregation in our community and throughout the world, that in all our service we see ourselves centered around Christ, let us pray.

In thanksgiving for those who have died in the faith and now sing praises around the throne of God, and that we be assured of the promise of everlasting life, let us pray.

Merciful God, you hear our prayers even before we speak them.  Receive them for the sake of the one through whom you have revealed your goodness, Jesus  Christ, our Savior and Lord.  

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