Day 15 — All about that base budget

We are in the midst of finalizing the budget for the 2018 session, but to give you an idea of what that may look like, here is an outline of what happened with the state budget during the 2017 session.  
The Utah legislature is unique because each legislator sits on one of 9 appropriations committees.  In some state legislatures the budgets are concentrated in one committee, like the United State House Committee on Ways and Means.  Legislative rule dictates we must pass or defeat each base budget bill before noon on Day 16.  This year, Day 16 is Tuesday, February 6.  To facilitate this timeline, each of the following nine base budget substitutes were presented and passed by the House and Senate this morning.
Full detail on base budgets by subcommittee, agency, and line item are under “meeting material” for February 1 and 2 on the Executive Appropriations committee page, or under “Total General Session Appropriations” on the Issues tab in COBI.
The Compendium of Budget Information (COBI) detail’s Utah’s budget and related financial authorizations. It contains summaries of issues faced by legislators, performance measures, background information (including references to statutory authority), and financial history. It’s also really cool and has lots of features that  get you into the weeds on the state budget.  
One more interesting place to check out is where you can see:
Taxpayer receipt, where you can discover how your taxes are being spent
Appropriations Bills and Acts, for the 2018 session
Budget data in a bubble visualization
Utah fiscal health dashboard, this shows at-a-glance snapshots, as well as history, for state reserves, obligations, revenues, and expenditures
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