Day 29, again — Counting Utah’s future

I was pretty disappointed when I realized today that I had counted President’s Day as one of our 45 legislative days.  So….we’re actually one day behind where I thought we were, which means we’re having a 2nd Day 29.

At any rate, today we heard a special presentation on the Utahs population growth patterns.  Three main points came from the presentation:

1.  Utah is still a rapidly growing state

Driven mainly by a high birth rate

Aided by periods of substantial in-migration

2.  Most of Utahs growth is occurring in five Utah counties:

Salt Lake





3.  Periods of significant in-migration have substantially increased Utahs minority population.

4.  The minority population is projected to increase, making Utah even more racially and ethnically diverse in the coming years.

These projections have tremendous policy implications for everything from public education, housing, transportation, and higher education, and we are already considering this growth as we discuss these issues.

A complete copy of the legislative report can be found here:

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