Day 27 — Bagels & briefings

We had another great turnout at the Saturday morning Bagels and Briefings at my home.  We covered topics as diverse as the proposed public education modernization bill (placing a computer or tablet in the hands of every junior and senior high school student in the state), birth fathers adoption law, motor fuel taxes and transportation, privacy of voting registration information, the proposed move of the Utah State Prison, the Caucus/Convention system (including the Count My Vote initiative), the Amicus brief on Amendment 3, and air quality.  If any of these topics interest you, or if you have another issue, feel free to come next time.  We’ll meet on the next two Saturdays, March 1 and 8th.  Following the end of the legislative session Sen. Todd Weiler and I will host a Town Hall meeting for a recap of the session.  Thanks to the involvement and interest of so many!

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