Day 38, but who’s counting

We started today with the Consent Calendar. These are bills that have received unanimous support in their Committee hearings. The bill presenter has 2 minutes to speak to the bill, no discussion or questions are allowed, and the vote is taken. It is a way to clear up time for the more complex issues and bills that require more discussion amongst the members of the body.

We then moved to the Senate Calendar. We have had specific days during the session that the House passes Senate bills and vice versa.

Then when we had made our way to the bottom of that list, we moved to the 3rd Reading Calendar. Two of my bills passed out of the House today.

HB 318, Classroom Size Revisions, was on the calendar. Following the presentation and a good discussion on the floor the bill was passed with a margin of 59-21 vote.

HB 157, “Children’s Hearing Aid Pilot Program” also passed off the House floor, with a 70-0 vote.

We also sauntered for 1 hour. That is like a recess from school, only without the dodge ball or hopscotch. It is usually an opportunity to get some specific work done that is time sensitive. In this instance our House leadership were finalizing the items on the budget proposal. As we move forward discussion to bills are longer, because of the complexities of many bills, and so even though we were on the floor for 7 hours yesterday we only passed 22 bills. An example of one of those bills is HB 393, “Competency-based Education Amendments”
Requires the State Office of Education to set standards and mechanisms for funding competency based learning. It passed 43-26. I did not support the bill.
My questions surround the specifics as to the funding for competency based courses and felt like it needed to be fleshed out a bit more prior to moving forward. Additionally without additional funding necessary to the type of individualized attention these programs require, this is simply an unfunded mandate.

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