Week Seven Bills of Interest

Bills of interest from the last week of the session:


HB 272, “Pilot Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders Services.”  A pilot program providing early intervention to 200 children, age 2-6.


HB 15, “Statewide Adaptive Testing.”  This bill would allow for school districts to begin administering the UPASS test online.  The new mode of testing should make tracking our students’ progression easier and target their needs more effectively.


HB 155, “Drug Screening for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Recipients.”  This bill would begin a program to ensure that Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits are used appropriately by requiring additional screening for drug use and providing rehab programs for those in need.


HB 173, “Transportation Funding Amendments.”  Advances critical road projects while reducing the amount of bonds and saving the taxpayer money on interest.  Includes $7.0 Million for the 2600 S. I-15 interchange overhaul.


HB 502, “Incorporation Amendments.”  This bill amends the requirements to incorporate a city.  It makes the incorporation process more efficient and simpler.


HB 3, “Appropriations Adjustments.”  The “bill of bills,” the budget for the upcoming year.  Highlights include:  $11 million additional for the rainy day fund, $20,000 to post signs along highways honoring fallen Utah Highway Patrol troopers, and uses funds from the Cigarette Tax Restricted Account to fund health promotion programs.  We were able to amend the bill to provide additional funds for the Division Services for People with Disabilities.


HB 124, “In-state Tuition for Veterans.”  This bill would allow those military personnel who are transferred to the state of Utah be allowed to be considered residents for the purposes of higher education tuition.


HB 354,”Alcohol Beverage Amendments.”  In order to increase government transparency, this bill transfers control of funds collected from mark-up of liquor sales to the Tax Commission.  It also begins collecting data on the effects of alcohol in our communities to improve future legislative efforts.


HB 298, “Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections Amendments.”  This bill reduces the number of safety inspections required on vehicles, as well as adds new Utah Highway Patrol troopers to the roads

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