Dollars and Cents and a whole lot more

One of the biggest priorities in the last week of the legislative session is finishing work on the final budget.  We were able to address our main priorities, including fully funding education, avoiding tax increases, and paying down our debt.  Our choices help ensure our status as one of the strongest and most competitive states in the nation.  The complete final budget can be found here:

Have you ever wondered where your tax dollars go?  How is the legislature budgeting the state revenue?

Or more specifically, do you:

Want to find out if the 2600 S. I-15 interchange got funded at $7.0 Million?

What ever happened to the Women’s College Task Force?

How many additional corrections beds are contracted with counties at a cost of $2.3 Million?

Amount the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU) in the Minimal School Program increased?

How much funding was set aside for the two year Autism Pilot Program?.


(Spoiler alert:  Funded; $100,000; 60; $26.00; $4.5 Million to help 200 children age 2-6.)

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