And so it begins….

The Legislature met today in our Appropriations Committee meetings in preparation for the General Session that begins on January 25th.  Each agency was asked to present their proposed budget for FY2011 in light of the following recommendations.

  1. The Governor’s recommendation of a 3% cost of living adjustment decrease.
  2. A 4% proposed general fund budget adjustment recommendations by the Executive Appropriations Committee. 

In the Transportation, Environmental Quality, National Guard and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Committee, which I serve on, we heard reports from each of the four agencies as to how they propose to meet both of those budget recommendations.  As a committee we passed unanimously each committee’s presentation of their budget adjustment that followed the 4% general fund recommendation.    

The Compendium of Budget Information, the complete budget analysis from the Legislative Fiscal Analyst staff, can be found at:



Other resources that may be helpful in analyzing the budget and the economic outlook are:

This is the Economic report to the Governor on FY 2010 and includes information on demographics, employment and wages, and an economic outlook for the state as we go forward.  This can be found in a two page excerpt sheet or a 25 page Executive Summary.  Both provide helpful background information as an analysis of our current situation takes place.


The next two links provide a summary of Governor Herbert’s budget proposal for FY 2011 (the Legislature has not formed their budget proposal for FY 2011 yet).


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2 Responses to And so it begins….

  1. john merrick says:

    try to view the writings of the jan 20 meeting and het an error code 404 nothing there. jm

  2. Becky says:

    I mistyped one of the characters, sorry about that. The correct link is:
    Thanks for being interested.

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